Thursday, July 27, 2006

Booking Medical Appointments Direct

Where did medical patients come up with the idea that they could save money by dealing directly with doctors & hospitals?

Who do you think pays more for hospital charges?
  • a) a tourist
  • b) an insurance company
In a foreign country who is likely to pay more for anything?
  • a) a local
  • b) a tourist
Who gets the best prices for a hotel?
  • a) a group
  • b) an individual
When you are being released from the hospital how much do you understand about your bill in the US in your language?

What do you do if there are any billing discrepiencies of lets say 12,000 USD, and where do you think you would end up?

Who would be best qualified to verify the accuracy of your bill in Thailand?
  • a) A local Dr.
  • b) you
In all probability you will not save money and you further empower the hospitals by refusing to use someone like us. In the end you will probably not save money and you will have constant battles that you are not prepared for at every turn. But as always that is your choice.

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